House Rules

Any rulings made during a game session about how something works will be posted here IF IT IS DIFFERENT FROM THE PRINTED RULES. If I make a ruling that is contradicted by the text, please post a reply and we’ll get it figured out.

D20 Wish

At the beginning of each session each player may make a “wish” by rolling a single d20. You announce what you want (a pet dog named Greg, a +2 strength amulet, to have X character contract a disease, etc.) and, after my approval, roll the die. If it’s a 20, it happens. If it isn’t, tough luck and try again next week.

Natural 20s and Skill Checks

Natural 20 is only an automatic success for saves and attack rolls according to core. I also allow a natural 20 to count as an automatic success on NON-OPPOSED skill checks. For example, if you are attempting to balance by running across a log, a natural 20 would mean success. If you are trying to hide while someone is using spot to find you, even if you roll a 20 and they roll a 3 it isn’t an automatic success. This accounts for the fact that someone with a +23 spot has honed that skill so well that even on their worst day they are better than someone with only a +2 hide on their best day. Please keep in mind that this means that a natural 1 also means an automatic failure for these skills. Refer to the following table for clarification:

Nat 20 auto-success Nat 20 NOT auto-success
Appraise Bluff
Balance Diplomacy
Climb Disguise
Concentration Escape Artist
Craft (Any) Forgery
Decipher Script Hide
Disable Device Intimidate
Gather Information Listen
Handle Animal Move Silently
Heal Sense Motive
Jump Sleight of Hand
Knowledge (Any) Spot
Open Lock Use Rope
Perform (Any)
Profession (Any)
Use Magic Devise

Note that there may be exceptions for any of these skills. Perhaps your Use Rope is for securing a line at the top of a cliff. That isn’t an opposed check, but attempting to bind someone’s hands is.

House Rules

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