Passing the Years

While the days and months echo the natural world, the years in Illistera are tracked by events. As a result, different regions of the world are in “different” years. This boils down to cultural differences. It has been proven that time does not flow more quickly in some places on the Prime Material than others.

In Hiraan, history is broken into Ages with specific events marking the beginning of a new age. Ages always begin on the first day of a year. An age will not end in Heatfade, for example. Currently, Hiraanians are in the 407th year of the Fifth Age, more commonly known as the Age of Conflict.

The First Age (Age of Myth) – ??? years

Very little is known about the beginning of the world. Creation myths tell of the gods walking among the primitive creatures. One of the few facts about this time is that dragons existed. Another is that there are civilizations that pre-date the other ages and therefore must have lived during this time. This age ended with the creation of the elves, the oldest humanoid race.

The Second Age (Elven Age) – 9,138 years

The elves were given dominion over the land and its creatures. They lived in peace for a long time before the gods introduced other races to the world. The elves rejected this idea and fought with the gods for several years. After the elves killed a couple of them, the gods had had enough. They cursed the immortal elves with mortality (albeit still much longer than the humans). They also created the other sentient races of Illistera bringing about the start of the Third Age.

The Third Age (Age of Diversity) – 3,583 years

A rapid bid for land ushered in this new era. In the end most of the territory in Hiraan was claimed by the humans. Their superior numbers and adaptability proved very useful in suppressing the other races. The dwarves took to the mountains and the elves went to the forests. Toward the end of this age two generations of kings began a campaign to unite the many human factions under one banner. The first king was not able to complete the task in his lifetime, but his son finished the job. This unification marked the start of the Shining Age.

The Fourth Age (Shining Age) – 1,719 years

This age is named for the capital of the new empire, Lyria, also known as the Shining City because of its polished white spires and the glow constantly emanating from the temple of Pelor at its center. During the Shining Age trade prospered and the previously repressed races interacted much more freely with the humans. The prosperity came to an end when King Shael began oppressing the people of the empire. The citizens revolted and, after the Great War was fought, overthrew the infamous Tyrant King. With the king dead, the humans once again struggled for power and argued over who would take the throne since he had no heirs. Bloodshed followed and the several states that exist today are the result. The centralized government was disbanded and the throne sits empty.

The Fifth Age (Age of Conflict) – 407 years

The current age is marked by several small wars for territory fought by the people of Hiraan. None have yet claimed enough power to control the peninsula either benevolently or tyrannically.

Passing the Years

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